Sunday, March 18, 2012

JsTrace 1.3 Released

Get it while it's hot!

I just added a few features to the JsTrace code:
  • New passthrough methods on the Trace object for the following: assert, clear, count, dir, dirxml, exception, group, groupCollapsed, groupEnd, profile, profileEnd, table, time, timeEnd, trace
    • Note that the Trace script does nothing but pass these through if they exist
  • Ability to get/set the default trace level with the Trace.defaultTraceLevel method
  • Ability to reset some or all of the currently configured trace levels to the defaults by calling the Trace.resetToDefault method.
  • New Jasmine tests to make sure it works (mostly)
On the MVC side, I added a feature to the JsTrace.MVC package:
  • The ability to force logging to the server to be synchronous in order to preserve the order of messages coming back to the server.
    • It was either that or adding message numbers, and this was quicker.
NuGet packages are updated:

Or browse the code here:

Happy debugging!

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