Thursday, March 15, 2012

How To: Download Azure Publish Settings File

So, as of Azure SDK 1.6 (I think), Microsoft added the ability to import your publishing settings for Azure into Visual Studio to make deployments easier
This then launches your browser and has you login to your Live account.
Then, it downloads the file automatically and imports it, saving you time.
I installed Azure Diagnostics Manager Version 2 and it has a neat feature to allow you to import a Publish Settings File.  So, off I went to try to download it.  I found NO documentation on how to get it.
By some spelunking through browser history, I found this magical link:
This will allow you to download the file and do whatever you want with it, including import it into ADM.
WARNING: This has sensitive information in it to allow you to publish to your Azure account.  I recommend you delete this file after you import it into ADM

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