Monday, February 27, 2012

JsTrace 1.1.1 released

So, I released a new version of the JsTrace project.

This version basically includes rewriting things to be a little more "proper" in the JavaScript side of things. 

  1. I removed things like the "with" keyword (reimplemented just using basic closure technique)
  2. Turned on/Fixed a lot of JSHint restrictions (though I still don't dig the "use one var statement" thing, so I don't follow that – it's totally unnecessary in my opinion).
  3. Updated the Intellisense comments so that we have as much info in client code as possible
  4. Updated source code to have a test project and the NuGet package generation in it.

So, if you're using the NuGet package, you'll just get the update automatically, otherwise, go snag it on Codeplex:

Happy Debugging!


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