Thursday, December 22, 2011

JavaScript Globalization

I am leading a project that is now going to go from running in the US to running across the world over the next 6+ months.

It currently uses a lot of different tech: ASP.NET MVC3, HTML5, jQuery, jQuery UI, KnockoutJs (w/Mapping), jQuery Templates, jQuery DataTables, EF4 and a host of other home-grown and one-off type technologies.

So, I started browsing the usual suspects, especially a previously bookmarked Scott Hanselman blog post (suspiciously a 7-month-old "part 1" with no "part 2" yet *holds breath*).

Well, the most confusing part I have run across so far is how to handle JavaScript and jQuery globalization.  There was one project by Microsoft that was donated/accepted/rejected by the jQuery folks (sounds familiar... jQuery Templates had the same problem) which, apparently went through a few renamings (one, two, three), the last of which was a renaming to "Globalize", total api change and removal of any dependency on jQuery (not sure if there was ever one, but didn't bother to get into it).

Confusingly, this library (not a plugin anymore) is maintained/developed by the jQuery UI team now, even though there's no dependency.

So, apparently, the supported(?), in-development code is now the "Globalize" library whose wiki is here (on the jQuery UI site, where else? ... O_o)

Hope that helps save someone else some time.

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